Otramérica is a process promoted by the association Human Rights Everywhere (HREV), a group of volunteers determined to make life a commitment to social change and the defense of Human Rights.

Otramérica has two communication channels which make visible processes and ideas generated in Latin America and the Caribbean. One is the Internet portal, launched in May 2011, and the other is a small independent publishing house which from the beginning of 2012 will be operating in the Iberian Peninsula publishing collective works from Latin America. An attempt, when all is said and done, to open windows within a European society which is used to looking the other way or, as the Mexican Lourdes Arizpe wrote some years ago, a Europe which “has created a kind of private property rights over the planet. Everything which does not exist in its cognitive system from the renaissance onwards is ‘discovered’, everything which, today, does not exist in its technical and intellectual tradition is “translated”.

For this reason Otramérica Publishing does not translate or discover anything, it merely serves as a communication channel, a disseminator, an expansion strategy which attacks head on colonialism in political thought and action relating to Latin America and the Caribbean.

We realize that the publishing market is not our specialty, but we do want to get inside your personal library, your intellectual curiosity, your solidarity. This work will never, in our case, be a matter of quantity but rather of quality, both in terms of content and readership.

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Audio de la presentación del libro ‘El volcán Latinoamericano’

Presentación de ‘El volcán Latinoamericano’ en Traficantes de Sueños, 18 de junio de 2012, Madrid.

La primera cosecha

Los muertos no hablan · Soy Atrato · 2 años de locura · El volcán Latinoamericano · Violencias re-encubiertas en Bolivia · El mal pastor · TIPNIS Amazonia en resistencia contra el Estado colonial en Bolivia · La nube en la boca.


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Audio de la presentación del libro ‘La nube en la boca’

Presentación de ‘La nube en la boca’ en Traficantes de Sueños, 18 de junio de 2012, Madrid.

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