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Otramérica is a digital media communications initiative. It is one of the few of its kind focusing on Latin America and the Caribbean. All of Otramérica´s content revolves around the countries of the region and the global perspective on these countries, as well as the perspective of these countries on the rest of the world. We offer a different look at Latin America and the Caribbean, free from the traditional prejudices imposed by a Eurocentric perspective or by the discourse of the region´s dominant northern neighbours.

Otramérica is a not-for-profit initiative of the not-for-profit association Human Rights Everywhere and a group of independent journalists in partnership with social organisations in various parts of Latin America.

We adhere to the following principles:

Independence: Otramérica does not depend on any economic, political or religious groups whatsoever, and therefore communicates with absolute independence. Independence does not always mean impartiality; we always focus on communities and public interests, over private interests and the powers that be.

Intellectual Honesty: Our independent standpoint means that we are committed to intellectual honesty. In other words, we will always openly declare our position in our writing, rejecting the liberal concept of false objectivity that has historically camouflaged hegemonic discourses behind a mask of cold journalism.

Analysis and Interpretation: Otramérica does not try to be “highly topical”, but instead aims to be a channel for “necessary interpretation” and the analysis of reality. We believe that the desire for immediacy and direct style in journalism, have done incalculable damage to the content of news stories and have contributed to a fragmentation which in turn has led to information saturation and active misinformation.

Interdependence: Facts are not isolated events, in the same way that humans are not individuals existing without others. Otramérica articles and analysis explore the interdependencies between countries, communities, economic, political, cultural and social events, people… Connecting and re-connecting universal processes is one of the journalistic aims of our project.

Human Rights: the political position of Otramérica is explicit: we are a progressive project, and we are advocates and champions of human rights in every corner of troubled Latin America and the Caribbean. We are supporters of equality, social justice and participatory democracy.


Otramérica builds partnerships across the region with social organisations, alternative media, collaborative networks, etc., with the firm conviction that the more we collaborate, the stronger we become. If your group or organisation is interested in collaborating or becoming a partner of Otramérica, do not hesitate to write to us.


Why donate? section you will find our views on economic contributions. You can also access information on the private donations received for Otramérica by HREV in the Transparency section.

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