One of the strategic areas of HREV’s work, as highlighted in our mandate, is “the generation, dissemination, democratization and harvesting of knowledge and information to support resistance processes and grassroots action carried out by the peoples of Abya Yala-the Americas, as part of global processes”.
To implement this strategy, public communication is critical. We differentiate information from communication and use various methods to communicate. Firstly, we promote peoples’ and communities’ right to communicate. Secondly, we provide tools to raise awareness on resistance processes, knowledge and expertise from Abya Yala (the Americas).

The HREV communications node has three principal areas:

The right to communicate: training and promotion.

In collaboration with local organisations, HREV has carried out training activities in Colombia and Costa Rica for the exchange of communications knowledge. AficheCR3.0Our workshops on Grassroots Communication and Alternative Communication in the Colombian Pacific region; the forum on the right to free communication held inCentral America; and the cyber-activism manuals which we created together with; are just some of the specific actions of this working area.

Otramérica Portal

otramericaHREV founded the Otramérica portal, an Internet space which offers a different vision of the community resistance processes in Abya Yala and the aggressions these communities suffer to their collective and individual rights. The Otramérica portal is fed by dozens of volunteer contributors, on behalf of their groups or communities, or as individuals. We cover territorial and thematic areas which are usually ignored by the mainstream media and we understand Our America as an integrated unit which is not separated by borders.libros otramérica



Editorial Otramérica (Otramérica Publishers)

In Our America, in Abya Yala, original philosophies are being constructed, essential for local and regional processes but also for understanding our complex planet, which is at risk. For this reason, Editorial Otramérica publishes books by authors from the Americas or books about this region. Sometimes we reprint materials of interest and at other times we promote the collective construction of materials describing resistance situations and alternative structures from the American territories. See video presentation of our publishers.




Dissemination and support for other HREV nodes and our allies

HREV’s Communication node also shares human rights reports and statements and actions carried out by other HREV nodes or by allied organisations that we support in national and international awareness-raising (one example would be the campaign to support the process for autonomy in Cherán, Mexico). Our contact with conventional and unconventional journalists and our alliances with other alternative media from Our America, as well as with Pan-American human rights organisations or those who support grassroots movements, allow us to have a high impact. Also, when our volunteers and our combined energies allow, we cover events ourselves and promote our own outreach projects, such as the NASO documentary, produced between 2010 and 2011, thanks to the HREV communication node.








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